Welcome to Onclave.org. We provide information about health issues, wellness and well-being in general. Our everyday life is mostly dominated by mental stress, hectic actions and rushed decisions. That's why it is important to find a balance in our life and a safe place to find peace and ease, to recharge our energies and to regain our powers to handle the tasks in our life.

The majority of our health concepts is inspired by far eastern traditions and ideas such as Feng-Shui or Qigong. For example, one of our beliefs is that the human soul is mainly inspired by its surroundings. From the right bedsheets up to rimless eyeglasses – nearly all our belongings can affect our mental conditions in a positive or negative way. That's why we think it is very important to create a simple but comfortable space around oneself where one can relax and focus on his or her own spirits.

Health and Well-being from the Outside and the Inside

Furthermore we praise the healing effects of natural and herbal ingredients for an inner cleansing and detoxication. Traditional chinese tea, served in yixing teapots , can have curing effects on people who a re suffering from lung problems. On the other hand, a bath of simple natural ingredients such as leaves or herbals can influence skin problems in a positive manner.

Our philosophy of health and human life is that there are many phenomena in our environment that we can neither see or hear but which co-relate with our own beings and we have to get a feel or an understanding for this interaction of nature and its elements which we are a part of. We hope Onclave can give you a slight insight into the different concepts of chinese health traditions and other philosophies.